How to design a house in a small plot?

How to design a house in a small plot?

Designing a beautiful and spacious house in a small plot starts with the questioning of the requirements itself. If you have a small plot and wish to have a beautiful and nice house, it is very much possible. We have made very upmarket and contemporary house designs in ground coverage of 20′-0″ x 20′-0″, that is 400 Sq. Feet of space.

2 bedroom house plans

A small house can be easily designed in a small plot or land space with lots of innovative thinking and re-conditioning of the requirements of the clients.

It is important to know that a small house in a small plot will obviously be different than the house built on a larger piece of land, hence keeping similar expectations and requirements will be the biggest bottleneck in the design of a house for a small plot.

2 bedroom house plans
2 bedroom house plan

A house in a small plot can have two bedrooms or more and can be designed as a duplex house, but it needs to have less number of walls, less number of toilets or the toilets can be divided into a Toilet area and a bathing area for maximum usability. A modern design with an open kitchen and dining, having a breakfast table and large windows for better ventilation will help in making a small house, very comfortable and cozy.

Again, small house cannot be designed for Vastu principles in totality, few principles can still be followed, but the space arrangements take precedence over vastu principles.

If you have a small plot, you just need to re-align your requirements and let the house designer suggest better ways of designing your dream home. Flexibility in your requirements and adaptability will help you in getting a house which is small, but very modern, very up-market and very beautiful.

Please do not try and ape other people’s houses, most of the houses are not properly designed, people are simply living in them because they do not have any choice, but if you wish for a properly designed dream home, you need to stop comparing and look at upgrading your lifestyle.

A house is not just bedrooms, it is so much more, you need utility room for washing and drying clothes, storage spaces, book racks for your favorite books, etc. etc. and it should be easy to maintain and should have good ventilation of both light and air.

A small house in a small plot can have a much better living standards if properly designed compared to houses designed in a larger plot area. Changing the perspective will go a long way in proper planning and design of your dream home.

If you are planning to build your small house in a small plot and are willing to re-look at the way you wish to live in your dream home, please feel to contact us on and we will help you design your dream house.

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