House Designs are Subjective

House Designs are subjective

Are you planning to build your dream house? Is it a 3 bedroom duplex house or a 4  bedroom house with a swimming pool. Is it a simple house for simple living or a style statement? Whatever you desire your house to be, it is very important to understand that the design of a house is very subjective, that is, something that you may like in your house, may not be appreciated by others.

So, do we build our houses for us or for others? Unfortunately, most of us end up building our houses for others and to get appreciation from our peer groups or to make a style statement. It does not necessarily starts with that intention, but during the course of the design, the ideas and experiences one has, unfortunately leads to the house being designed for others.

In my past experience as an Architect and House Designer, I have encountered many clients who start the design process with the intention to build the house for themselves, but get carried away with their new found observations and advice from their family and friends, which is based on the experience of their peer groups. This results in the design getting diluted and the end result is a house that should have been designed for them, but gets designed for everyone else.

It is a common characteristic of humans to try and please others and we all fall into this trap and forget the actual and personal requirements of ourselves. It is very important that we understand our own lifestyle and living comforts and then accommodate these requirements in the design. Trying to live like others and haven’t experienced the living like others, might not necessarily put you into the comfort zone.

Another aspect of a house design is that one size fits all does not work here, hence a design that is good and appreciated by one, might not be understood in the same light. Hence, each design is unique and best fits the user. It is very easy to criticize any piece of art or house design without understanding the underlying conditions associated with the design and the thought and the experience that the designer has used in his or her design.

An Architect or a House Designer may choose to design a house in a specific way, using his or her professional abilities, to best fit the requirements for your specific living requirements. Trying and understanding the process behind the design and discussing the possibilities with the designer is the best way forward. Criticizing and trying to please your family and friends might not be in your best interest, eventually you are the one who will spend your hard earned money and you will be the one who will spend your life in it. Its best that the house is designed for you.

Ar. Ravi Siddhartha is an IITian with a large experience in design of Houses and other built environments across India. You can reach him via on

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