Duplex Floor Plans | Indian Duplex House Design | Duplex House Map

Duplex Floor Plans | Indian Duplex House Design | Duplex House Map

Duplex House Plan

Are You Planning to Build your Dream house? Are you looking for a Duplex House Design for Indian living style?

A Duplex House Plan or a Duplex Floor Plans is a beautiful house design in which the house is split into two floors, it is ideal for a single family home, but can be easily designed for joint family as well. The Duplex House Design typically has Living, Dining, Kitchen on the Ground Floor and the bedrooms are located on the Second floor of the house, with an internal staircase. The staircase can be designed as a circular staircase with a double height to give a feeling of a large and spacious house.

The Duplex House Plans has two floors and can be designed to look like a Villa and can be easily designed in small plots starting from 150 Sq. Yards (1350 Sq. Feet) or 200 Sq. Yards (1800 Sq. Feet) of plot sizes.

HouZone.com offers customized designs for your dream duplex house with proper ventilation, vastu, practical and economical design that is made just for you and for your plot dimensions. Our team of experienced Architectural House Designers and Construction Professionals will help you plan and design your dream house easily. Since all our services are available ONLINE, it is very easy to order and get the best duplex house plans. You can order directly as all our pricing is mentioned on the website, it is a very simple process.

3 steps to dream house plans

Duplex House Plans are custom designed by HouZone.com and will include Modern Duplex House Plans, Duplex Villa House Plans, Duplex Bungalow House Plans, Traditional Duplex House Plans, Luxury Duplex House Plans, Town House Duplex House Plans, Small Duplex House Plans, 3 bedroom duplex house plans, 4 bedroom duplex house plans, 5 bedroom duplex house plans, duplex house plans with swimming pool, etc.

All our House Plans are designed as per Vastu, so that you can live your life with prosperity and happiness.

Our 2 bedroom duplex house plans start at Rs. 1,999/- and can be designed for any type of plot dimensions. Our duplex house plans are typically designed for 1000 Sq. Feet to 5000 Sq. Feet of built-up area and can contain swimming pool, maid’s room, home office, etc.

3D Floor Plans by HouZone.com

We recommend that since you will be spending a lot of your hard earned money on the construction of your duplex house, it is best that the house is designed for your requirements and needs and a ready made house plans should be avoided.

HouZone.com offers complete house design services, from House Plans to Construction Drawings, Structural Designs, Electrical & Plumbing drawings, Cost Estimations, Interior Designs, etc. Any of these services can be easily ordered online. Our team will provide you with a step by step guidance to construct your dream house safely, economically and easily.

Do feel free to contact us on our WhatsApp number +91-9100033897 or email us on support@houzone.com

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 Duplex Floor Plans | Indian Duplex House Design | Duplex House Map

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