Car Parking Space required for Duplex House design

Car Parking Space required for Duplex House design

What is the right car parking space requirements for your duplex house? Well that’s an easy answer, find the size of car online & the space should be enough as per the car size, right?

We’ll, no not exactly, a car parking space is not just about parking your car, but also the space should enough for the car doors to open, the boot to open, space for hatch to open, space for removing & keeping items into the car & also space for cleaning the car, etc. etc.

So, then what should be the right space for parking your car? Have you considered the fact that the gate should also close or open after the car is parked? Do we have a generalised space requirements for car park?

Then again comes a question as to what type of car, small hatchback or sedan or SUV, or it could be an electric car.

Do you want a garage or a covered car park or porch? Is there any obstruction such as a column or flower bed or steps?

What is the road width outside your gate, this determines the width of the gate, if road width is less then the gate width should be more than average so that the car can turn comfortably.

Oh! Man, now we have so many parameters to consider before we arrive at the right size of car parking.

I strongly recommend that a Professional Architect or House Designer should be employed to help you plan the design of your dream home, along with the car parking space.

Now, if I just need to provide some numbers, then you ca use these dimensions to park your car safely, yet it is recommended that other parameters are also considered.

For a small car which is less than 4.0 meters, which is what we normally get, almost all hatchbacks fit into this category, you need a car parking space of 8′-0″ x 12′-0″ clear.

For a sedan the space required will be 8′-0″ x 15′-0″ & for SUV you might consider 10′-0″ x 17′-0″

Car Parking Size

The dimensions mentioned above are in feets & are for straight parking, directly in front of the gate.

If you wish to go for parallel parking, the required space is more as the car needs to turn & then park.

Whatever your choice of car, planning ahead for future is always useful.


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