7 tips to design your dream house

7 Tips to design your dream house

Congratulations! You are planning to build your dream home & are looking around for information that can help you in the design of your dream house.

Designing a house & creating the first draft of a house plan is a very complex mechanism & involves great deal of thinking, psychology, costs, time, personal requirements, etc. etc.

A well designed house will bring you prosperity & happiness along with health, whereas a poorly designed house can create problems of space wastage, unnecessary additional costs, poor ventilation leading to health issues & so on.

It’s important to note that even a simple fact, such as a size of the window & its orientation can have a major impact on our lives & most of us are not trained in understanding these small differences.

So, what is the best way to design your dream home, I’m putting down 7 most important tips for designing your dream home.

1. Hire a professional Architect or use online house design service, whether your house is small or big, a professionally trained house designer can really help you in a balanced design.

2. Spend maximum time on the design of house plan, its circulation, windows & doors location, furniture placement, bathroom locations, staircase design, etc.

3. Elevation design is part of house design, so don’t try to add an elevation onto an existing floor plan, work both designs together.

4. Keep it simple, I know it’s difficult but a house needs to be simple, elegant & beautiful. The upper floors of the house should follow the design of the lower floor, as this helps in proper utilities management, ventilation & elevation design.

5. Leave sufficient space or setbacks all around the house, we recommend that 5′-0″ of clear space is left all around, this helps in proper ventilation & in taking the plumbing & utility lines easily outside the house.

6. Always plan the budget and materials of construction in advance, if possible at the floor plans stage itself. Plan for the final fittings such as Sanitary fittings, Electrical switches and kitchen cabinets etc. as part of the house design. Budgeting for the end products will help in ensuring that you complete the construction as planned.

7. Plan for the utilities as part of the house design, utilities such as air-conditioning, plumbing lines, electrical lines, back-up power, Solar Power, Kitchen chimney and exhaust system, etc. It may be difficult to incorporate these designs at the conceptual design stage, but keeping them in mind while designing will really help and can be easily re-introduced at the final house plan stage.

Whatever your personal requirements of your dream house is going to be, a house is a living and functioning organism, that needs to be properly designed and maintained to provide for your better living.

If you are planning to build your dream home, it is important that the design is done thoughtfully and sensibly. Please do visit www.houzone.com and let us design your dream home, for you.

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