4 bedroom house design

The Design Considerations behind the design and planning of a 4 or more bedroom house.

A typical 4 bedroom house has obviously 4 bedrooms and is meant to house a large family and hence the spatial requirements are a little bit different than a typical 3 bedroom duplex house.

Since the number of people occupying the house is more, the associated areas should also be planned accordingly, for example the number of bathrooms or toilets should be at-least 3 or 4 and storage spaces should be sufficient for everyone. The common spaces such as living room and family room should be of appropriate size and it is advised that the dining be split into two spaces, a formal dining wherein the family or their guests can enjoy formal dinner or Sunday lunches and an informal dining or breakfast area, maybe in the kitchen itself for smaller and easier groups to have their meals.

Additional spaces such as study rooms, gym and semi-covered balconies will provide the required living spaces to keep the family members happily together. It is important to note, that when we think of large family, each Individual will need their own privacy as well as a sense of belonging and by simply providing a bedroom is not enough. Semi private spaces for each Individual’s needs should also be looked at, maybe providing a reading nook or a den for informal seating will encourage the family to pursue their hobbies as well as stay connected to each other.

A small and cramped space which tread on each other’s private lifestyles tend to create a sense of discomfort between the family and may lead to frequent outbursts and in-fights. Hence, planning a house with 4 bedrooms should be done with proper sensibility and sensitivity, which caters to each family members’ personal and specific needs.

A house is where we have our first social interaction and hence the design of the house should promote a healthy and confident lifestyle, creates a sense of safety and yet provides for Independent growth.

A good Architect or a House Designer will consider all these and many more aspects of house design, to help you plan your dream home.

The writer of this blog is Ar. Ravi Siddhartha, an IITian with 17 years of experience in the field of Architecture and Design. You can reach him at support@houzone.com

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