30×80 East Facing 4 bedroom duplex house design

30 x 80 East Facing 4 Bedroom Duplex House Design 

30 x 80 East Facing 4 bedroom house design

Designing a 4 bedroom house on a Narrow Plot of 30 feet x 80 feet was a challenge that HouZone.com design team decided to take.

The client had a plot of 30 x 80 feet = 2400 Sq. feet or 266.66 Sq. Yards, East facing and he wanted the house to be designed as per Vastu and also leave sufficient space all around for ventilation.

The client also had a particular requirement of a lift in the house to access the first floor as well as wanted a double height for easy visual connectivity between the two floors of his house.

This 4 bedroom house designed by houzone.com is a duplex house on a 30×80 East Facing plot. The house has space for two car parking and follows Vastu principles in the design.

Being a narrow plot, and the requirement of client being very strict, our design team proposed this beautiful house design. The house has 3000 Sq. feet of built up area and has 4 bedrooms, an office room, a gym room, living and dining areas, puja room, lift, balconies, decks, 2 car parking, 6 toilets, etc.

30 x 80 East Facing 4 bedroom house design

The client had the following requirements for his 4 bedroom duplex house:

  1. 4 bedrooms
  2. 2 car parking
  3. Office space
  4. lift
  5. double height for visual connectivity
  6. gym area
  7. bedrooms to be in a private zone
  8. decks and balconies
  9. vastu
  10. Toilets for access by his drivers along with 5 toilets inside

Looking at the plot dimensions and the requirements, we felt that the requirement is much more than the available space and proper balance might be difficult to achieve.

The House Designers of HouZone.com designed this beautiful, practical and sensible design for the client, keeping all his requirements in mind along with balancing the practicality, the ventilation and vastu principles.

It is important that a 4 bedroom duplex house be designed by a trained professionals before you spend your money on construction.

If you too are planning to build your dream home, please do visit www.houzone.com or email us on support@houzone.com

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